Women & Pregnancy Class

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Monday, 10.00 am (90 min) with Chandra Baumgärtner

The new women’s and pregnant women’s class is specially designed to meet the needs of the female body in the different phases of life (menstruation, pregnancy, menopause).

During pregnancy, we pay attention to the special support in postures that benefit the baby and the mother. The focus is on widening the pelvis and strengthening all areas that experience more strain during this time. Exercising after the birth promotes the natural regression.
During menstruation, special sequences are practised without reverse postures. For example, this can help alleviate abdominal cramps or pain in the lower back.

During the menopause, supportive and cooling exercises are practised to alleviate any negative side effects.
The course promotes overall relaxation and healthy mobility of all joints. In addition, the spine is strengthened, the chest is opened and a healthy immune system is promoted.

Contact, questions and registration:
Tel:0176 23538457

Supervision: Elizabeth S. Brass