Monthly Workshop on Yoga and Scoliosis with Helen Barsby | next on Sunday: July 7, 2024

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Helen came to yoga with a strong scoliosis in her early twenties, looking to create more balance in her body. She discovered in Iyengar® yoga the precision and depth which has made a profound impact on the shape and state of her spine.

The workshops are designed to go into depth in the concept of symmetry in the yoga poses, while working from an asymmetrical body. The aims of the workshops are creating length, strength, and awareness (proprioception) and also providing the tools with which we work towards this in our yoga practise. The three hour workshops are held in a regular 4 – 6 weekly rhythm, each focussing on the needs of the particular group. The workshops are open to all: yoga beginners, experienced practitioners, as well as to teachers interesting in furthering their knowledge. The workshops can be joined at any stage, each workshop, after a basic sequence of grounding, sensitising, lengthening and strengthening, focuses on a particular area, or group of asanas, in order to constantly go into more depth and understanding, bringing about better alignment and ease in an asymmetrical body.

12:00 – 3:00 pm
Fee : 43 €

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Kontakt: | 01729417236

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