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Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Relief- A workshop with Elizabeth Brass, March 12, 1:00-4:00pm

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Anxiety and stress have skyrocketed since the pandemic began. These feelings are different from normal nervousness, and can include overwhelming feelings of panic or fear, uncontrollable obsessive thoughts, or physical tension. Once anxiety takes hold, it can manifest in a variety of ways making it difficult to find relief.

As yoga practitioners, we can learn to how and what yoga asana and pranayama can provide help from anxiety. B.K.S. Iyengar famously said that all yoga is therapeutic. In this workshop, we will seek to understand how familiar asanas, their variations, and breathing techniques can reduce anxiety and depression as well as increase positive mood and energy.

We will also look towards yoga philosophy to help to observe our emotional state rather than be swept away by it. We will further our knowledge of our body’s real, in-the-moment needs and find more joy in life with careful, thoughtful yoga practice.

This workshop is open to yoga practitioners with a a minimum 1 year consistent Iyengar yoga experience.

In English & German

Workshop Fee: 43€


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