Sunday Workshop June 9th with Elizabeth Brass

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Twists – Soothing the Nervous System

B.K.S. Iyengar described twisting asanas as having a “squeeze and soak” action: The organs are compressed during a twist, pushing out blood filled with metabolic by-products and toxins. When we release the twist, fresh blood flows in, carrying oxygen and the building blocks for tissue healing. From a physiological standpoint, twists stimulate circulation and have a cleansing and refreshing effect on the torso and associated glands. 

Twisting asanas are powerful and cleansing for the body and mind. Some twisting poses are called “parivrrta.” Vrittis are habitual patterns of thoughts associated with our desires and attachments. The prefix of “pari” as in parivrtti is a reversal, changing, or turning of those patterns. Thus the practicing of twists soothes the nervous system.  In this workshop, we will practice various asanas and study the basic anatomy of them and how they apply to practice and daily life. 

This workshop is open to yoga practitioners with a minimum 2 years yoga experience.

Sunday, June 9, 12-3:00pm. Recordings available for 4 weeks after the workshop.

Workshop Fee: 43 €

Teaching Languages: English & German. Info and Registration: 

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