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Sunday Workshop Understanding Hip Mobility & Flexibilty with Elizabeth Smullens Brass 23. September 2018 1:00-4:00pm

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Iyengar yoga identifies the inner, middle, outer, and back groins creating a circle of awareness all around the meeting place between the legs and the torso. Cultivating healthy hip motion in our yoga practice brings a state of groundedness and connection to oneself.

It is important to create a balance of stability and mobility in our hips: too little or too much mobility can cause problems elsewhere like the knee or lower back.

In this workshop, participants will explore how the hip joint works in a variety of postures and seek to unlock new freedom in the body.

Open to all students with a minimum of 6 months of regular of Iyengar yoga practice

Teaching languages: English & German
Workshop Fee: 38 €

Registration & payment required before the workshop.

Payment by bank transfer with the notation “Brass Workshop. 23.09.18.”

GbR Brass Voigt, IBAN: DE 79 1007 0848 0031 380900


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