Sunday Workshop – September 13th 2015

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    Understanding Yoga for Women

    with Elizabeth Brass
    13 September 2015 1:00-4:00pm

    Dr. Geeta Iyengar is credited with revolutioning the way many women
    practice yoga with her groundbreaking book, Yoga a Gem for Women.
    She wrote that women needed their own particular brand of yoga to honor the
    cycles of life; from adolescence to young adulthood, pregnancy, motherhood,
    times of career development, midlife changes of perimenopause, menopause,
    and old age. Throughout each stage of a woman’s life, her body undergoes
    physical and psychological changes. The practice of yoga can be modified and
    adapted to suit these changing needs in each phase of life, helping to achieve
    peace of mind and bodily poise.

    The feminization of yoga has allowed both women and men to emphasize not
    only physical prowess and discipline but also to practice according to what
    their body and minds need at any time in life and to reap the health benefits
    associated with becoming more integrated and balanced in body and mind.
    We will look at different life phases and how specific sequences and postures
    build physical and mental strength and harmony for women.

    Cost: 35€
    Teaching languages: Englisch & Deutsch
    Contact: Elizabeth Brass / (030) 616 26 676 /

    Space is limited-preregistration & prepayment required

    Elizabeth Brass
    Berliner Sparkasse
    IBAN: DE43100500000240282442