Organization and Hygiene Guidelines for In-Person Classes

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Registration for In-Person Classes

  • Due to the rules for social distancing of 1,5 meters , each in-person class is limited. To come to class, each student must email their teacher weekly to register for in-person classes. Please wait for your confirmation before you come to class.
  • Once you receive your confirmation for your in-person class, you will be charged for that class. We prefer payments by bank transfer (single classes, class cards, or monthly subscription), if this is not possible, please speak to your teacher about paying in-person at the studio.

Before Class

  • Wait in front of the studio until the teacher opens the door and keep 1.5 meters/ 6 feet distance.
  • In the studio, everyone must wear a mask unless they are on their yoga mat.
  • Please apply hygiene (handwashing, cleaning, use of props) and social distancing rules (1.5 m/6 ft) while in the yoga center.
  • For changing clothes, one person can be in the changing rooms at a time. You can also change in the bathroom cabins or come to class in your yoga clothes.
  • Before and after class, you must wash your hands with soap + warm water and use the disinfectant provided.
  • Before class, please sign in with your name, date, time of class, telephone number, and email address. Pens will be provided.
  • Due to research on Covid-19 transmission through speech, we will try to limit our conversations in the yoga room and center.
  • If you visit the bathroom while you’re at the studio, we ask that you disinfect the area before and after use. Cleaning supplies will be available.

Yoga Props

  • All students must bring their own yoga mat and belt
  • If possible, please bring your own yoga blankets, foam pads, and/or bolster. Please put your name on these props and they can be left in the studio.
  • If necessary, you can use our bolsters and blankets but you must then bring 1-2 large cotton towels to cover the props when in use.
  • Blocks and chairs must be disinfected by students before and after class. IYZB will have disinfectant in the prop room.
  • Before class, student mats must be placed within the marked spaces in the yoga room and all other yoga props directly next to the mat.

During Class

  • During class, students may remove their masks once they are on their mat.
  • Singing OM and chanting will be done silently.
  • We ask that students stay on their mat as much as possible.
  • The room will be kept well ventilated (windows open), so that air flow is constant. Please bring warm clothes for relaxation.

After Class

  • Please disinfect any yoga studio chairs and blocks.
  • Fold up and store any yoga props staying at the studio.
  • After class and getting dressed, please take your shoes and exit through the corner door in the studio.