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29 September-5th Sunday of the Month, Special Theme Class: the Lower Back

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Sunday, September 29, 2019
Topic: Lower back
5-6.30 pm.
A-Class with Ulrike, mainly in German.

Every month we practice standing asanas, forward stretches, backward stretches and restorative asanas on a weekly basis. On this 5th Sunday in September we want to focus on the lower back.

There are many causes for pain and discomfort in the lower back. Often caused by a blockage of the sacroiliac joint, i.e. after a jerky movement or heavy lifting, or by extreme flexibility in this area. These conditions or experiences can result in asymmetry the pelvis. Piriformis Syndrome can also lead to problems in the sacroiliac joint often as a result of intensive physical activity (i.e. through unusual or too strong strength training, jogging) or by longer lasting pressure on the spot (i.e. by sitting for long periods).

We will practice simple and basic asanas, especially for the lower back.
All practitioners are welcome who wish to avoid pain in the lower back and wish to learn variations for self-aid. Participation is not recommended for acute and severe complaints, as this yoga class is not a therapeutic class.