Twisting & Side Extension Asanas Workshop with Katrin Voigt, Saturday February 11, 2023

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In-Studio and Online Workshop

“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.”

(B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life)

The workshop is for all yoga practitioners, with a minimum 1 year consistent Iyengaryoga practice. The asanas will be based on the Level 1 und 2 syllabus of poses.

In this workshop, we will explore together and deepen our understanding of twisting asanas. There are different kinds of twists, in sitting, supine, and standing poses as well as others. All twists have have their unique physical and mental benefits. We will investigate these benefits and how side extension asanas can be adapted to bring new awareness and compliment twisting poses. These variations will help people who may find twisting poses challenging, giving fresh opportunities to enjoy these balancing and energizing asanas. We will also look at yoga anatomy and how knowing more about our own bodies improves our yoga practice and well-being.

You can participate in the workshop in the studio or online. 

Date/Time: Saturday, February 11th, 2023, 12:00-3:00pm

Teaching Languages: German/English

Price: 43 €


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