Yoga & Depression: Sunday Workshop with Elizabeth Brass, February 24, 1-4 pm

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Many people at some point in life experience depression which can result in loss of interest or pleasure in life, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetitite, low energy, and poor concentration. What is the difference between occasional sadness that most everyone experiences and depression? When feelings start to impair our daily functioning and ability to participate in work, activities, and relationships.

Yoga can promote a positive mood and balanced emotional state. The gift that yoga brings is not just physical–yoga soothes the mind and spirit as well. More specifically, Iyengar yoga gives us an active role in our own healing.

Join Elizabeth to explore how Iyengar yoga takes a multi-pronged approach to alleviate depression. We will look at different asanas and sequences and investigate how what we do with our bodies has a profound impact on our emotions. We will restore, balance, and invigorate ourselves through yoga.

Open to all students with a minimum of 6 months of regular of Iyengar yoga practice

Teaching languages: English & German

Workshop Fee: 38 €-Preregistration & payment required
Bank tranfer with the notation “Brass Workshop. 24.02.19.”
GbR Brass Voigt, IBAN: DE 79 1007 0848 0031 380900

(030) 616 26 676/

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