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Online Weekend Workshop with Advanced Teacher Joan White (USA) | June 4-6, 2021

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Joan is one of the most accomplished and experienced practitioners Iyengar yoga, beginning her yoga training in 1968 and Joan met Guruji in 1973. She directs the Iyengar Yoga School of Philadelphia and has taught internationally for 40 years. We are lucky that Joan will offer online classes for us online in June teaching unique classes to address our needs in body and mind during this difficult time.

In this time of high anxiety and isolation, we all need time to slow down and be introspective. The Friday afternoon class will be such a class, practicing restorative poses to prepare for pranayama.

In Saturday’s class, we  will explore familiar and well-known poses and how they lead to new directions – from Uttitha Trikonasana to Kurmasana.

Sunday’s class will be the road less traveled and more challenging, experiencing how backbends can lead to Hanumanasana.

We hope that you join us!

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Friday-Sunday classes 4:00-6:00pm
105€ for all 3 classes and 35€ for one class