Instructions: booking with Eversport

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In advance: All regular students should have received a personal invitation link from us to their profile, which we have created with a possibly existing and still valid 10s card or membership, by the end of August. If you come to our classes regularly and have not received a link, please check your spam folder or contact us directly.

  • Link to the booking calendar:
The booking calendar shows all bookable face-to-face and online classes of a week. The online classes have a small monitor in the top right-hand corner. The booking calendar can be filtered by week, teacher and level.

  • Click on the class you want to book: click “Join now”.
  • Now you will be asked to log in to your profile. If you have not received an invitation link from us to your already created profile, you can register now.
  • After logging in or registering for the first time, you will be automatically redirected to: “secure check-out.
  • How would you like to participate? You now have the option to buy the selected class with an existing card or Membership, buy a single card or new card, buy a new Membership.
  • Click on “Pay now” to complete the booking.
  • The class now appears in the profile. For in-person classes, the place in the studio is now secure. For online classes, the link will appear in this booking 15 mins before the class starts.
  • Under: My Bookings, both past and future bookings are visible.
  • Under: My Cards and Memberships all valid cards and memberships are visible.