Ayurveda & Yoga Workshop- Ayurvedic Self Care techniques for Yoga practitioners, Sunday, September 18th 2016

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This workshop is aimed at increasing awareness about body and mind self care practices which are needed to maintain health. These Ayurvedic self care practices will help achieve better yogic practices and enhance yogic skills.

Dr. Ghanashyam Marda M.D.D.P.C. has worked for over twenty years as an ayurvedic doctor and researcher and travels regularly to teach and lecture in Europe and Australia. He directs, with his wife, Dr. Suraj Marda, the Suraj Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Clinic in Pune, India. After his successful lecture at IYZB last May, we are happy to welcome Dr. Marda back to Berlin.

Topics to be covered in the workshop are:

1. An introduction to various self body care methods or techniques and their concept and theory

2. Self care techniques based on DEENCHARYA (Daily regimen) and RITUCHARYA (Seasonal changes)

3. Details explanation of practices such as:
auto massage, throat, nose, skin, muscle- bone- and flexibility care and techniques

4. Practical demonstrations of some of the above practices like auto massage and nasal care

5. Relevance of all these practices today in health and yogic practice

The workshop will be taught in English


payment: €20.-
please sign up: Christian Klempert /
Private consulations are available with Dr. Marda on September 17 & 18