Sunday Workshop: Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders

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Sunday Workshop

 Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders

with Elizabeth Brass

8 November 2015 1:00-4:00pm

The neck and shoulder region is the most common problem area in the body for people today. Many people suffer from acute or chronic pain which effects both health and quality of life. In this workshop, we will look at postural, structural, and functional conditions that effect the neck and shoulders. Misalignment in the neck and their discs can cause pain in the arms and through the region of the shoulders. Muscles tense to protect against pain and ultimately cause further imbalance and problems. We will learn passive and active asanas which promote healing in the shoulders, upper back, and neck. We will also look at ways to improve posture and alignment as well as learn strengthening postures that give the spine and neck proper support. Safe poses reduce the mental stress often associated with chronic pain and poor posture and help strength to build intelligently.

This workshop is open to all yoga students with a minimum six months Iyengar yoga experience.

Workshop Fee: 35 €

Registration & payment required before the workshop to reserve a place

Teaching languages: English & German

Elizabeth Brass, Berliner Sparkasse, IBAN: DE43100500000240282442


(030) 616 26 676/