Martin Flavio Nunez PortraitMartín came into contact with Iyengar Yoga in 2007 and was immediately impressed by the logical approach to yoga. Iyengar Yoga which starts with the body and then works from the outside in creates an understandable method to cope with stress, to “ground” oneself and “charge the battery “- both physically and emotionally. Martín would like to share his enriching experiences with others through teaching yoga.

Martín was raised bilingually in a German-Spanish speaking home and also speaks fluent Italian, English, and French and welcomes everyone in his classes.

Sunday, 10-11.30 am, Level 1-2, ONLINE & IN-PERSON

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher since 2016 (Introductory)
  • Teacher Training at the Iyengar Yoga Instructor Institute Berlin, 2013–2016
  • Certification through Iyengar Yoga Deutschland

Martin Flavio Nunez Asana