Asanas and Pranayama and “the Kleshas” (obstacles to practice) with Georgie Grütter (in German) 05./06. August 2017, 12:00-4:00 pm

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For German speakers only-Wir wollen uns an diesem Wochenende intensiv und kritisch mit den fünf Kleshas aus dem Sadhana Pada des Patañjali auseinandersetzen und dabei das erste (Avidyã) und das fünfte Klesha (Abhiniveshã) besonders in den Fokus der Betrachtung rücken. Nicht nur die Behinderungen auf dem Yogaweg stehen dabei im Vordergrund, sondern der Blick soll auch über die Praxis auf der Matte hinaus auf unser konkretes alltägliches Sein gerichtet werden. In allem geht es darum, uns nicht entmutigen zu lassen und mit einem inneren Lächeln, mit innerer Kraft und geistiger Zuversicht auf dem Yogaweg voranzuschreiten!

Georgie Grütter ist eine Senior Iyengar Yoga Lehrerin, leitet eine Yogaschule auf Mallorca und ist in der Iyengar Yogalehrerausbildung in Deutschland tätig.

Sa. /So
12.00-13.30 Asanas
13.45-15.15 Kleshas
15.15-16.00 Pranayama

Um Anmeldung wird gebeten:
Kosten: 130€
GbR Brass Voigt
IBAN: DE 79 1007 0848 0031 380900

Introduction to Yoga for Scoliosis July 1–2, 2017 with Marcia Monroe

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• Suitable for all yoga students and teachers with minor back problems, asymmetries and scoliosis
• We will work to improve posture, balance, strength, and mobility. A healthy extension of the spine and awareness of the breath will be emphasized
• Marcia Monroe, longstanding teacher of Iyengar-Yoga from New York and author of the book, Yoga for Scoliosis

Marcia considers Iyengar-Yoga, with its central emphasis on correct muscular-skeletal alignment, an ideal and in-depth approach to practising yoga with scoliosis.

REGISTRATION:  Telephone: 0172/9417236

Saturday: 12:00–3:00pm und 4:00–7:00pm
Sunday: 12:00–4:30pm

Price: 200 EUR

Yoga Retreat in Rava, Croatia August 27-September 3, 2017

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Join Elizabeth for a week of immersion in nature and Iyengar yoga in Croatia. We will take time out of our busy lives to enjoy quiet walks, fresh air, and the practice of yoga. The island of Rava in the Zadar archipelago, offers a perfect retreat location for a small group to slow down and focus on yoga asana and pranayama. We will begin our mornings with a dynamic 2-hour class and end our days with restorative postures and pranayama. Yoga philosophy will be integrated into every class giving a foundation for understanding the basic principles of practice.

The Rava retreat will take place in a rustic house dedicated to keeping the spirit of fun and inspiration alive. The house has its own solar power and drinkable rainwater where life’s rhythms can take a slower pace. Rava is a small island of unspoilt nature located between island Iž and Dugi otok (Long island). The house where retreat is held is in the bay of Golubovac, in the wilderness, about ten meters from the sea, proximately 2 km away from the closest neighbors. In between classes, yoga students can enjoy swimming, hiking, or simply taking time for reflection. While the lodging is intentionally rustic, to help us feel at home, we will enjoy wonderful vegetarian meals prepared with whole ingredients.

Elizabeth Smullens Brass has been studying and practicing Iyengar yoga for 30 years. She is a Senior Intermediate Level 2 teacher and is Co-Director of the Iyengar Yoga Zentrum Berlin. Yoga retreats are a wondeful way for Elizabeth to get to know yoga students better and share dedicated time for practice.

Price: €850 (Includes one week yoga classes, all food, and accomodation). Travel costs to/from Zadar, Croatia not included. Ferry costs to the island will be arranged by retreat organizer and paid separately.

For more information and registration:

Retreat Organizer, Ljubica Vitlov Boban,
Yoga questions:

Yoga Sutras Study & Chanting Workshop with Navtej Johar, June 17-18, 2017

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A workshop for all yoga students and teachers who wish to explore the rich history and philosophy of classical yoga. We are very honored to welcome Navtej Johar, from New Delhi, for a yoga sutra chanting and study workshop.

Yoga is well-known for it’s many physical and mental benefits but what is often unknown is the philosophy that grounds basic understanding of yoga philosophy. The practice of yoga is based upon ancient metaphysical systems. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali attempts to explain and organize these sophisticated metaphysical concepts with the aim to convert philosophy into practice.

Sanskrit (the language of the yoga sutras) originally was an oral language and it places great emphasis on the quality of sound. The workshop will focus on the 1st chapter of the Yoga Sutras, learning how to chant the sutras and how the vocal apparatus is organized for the production of these sounds. Phonetic sound, cadence, meter as well as the gaps of silence that comprise a sutra, each of these have meaning.
The intent behind sutra chanting is to get familiar with underlying metaphysics, understand the organisation of knowledge-nuggets that have been placed in a specific sequence, and to commit them to memory for easy recall in order to have philosophy-at-hand so as to be able to further one’s practice.

Navtej Johar is a dancer/choreographer as well as a yoga practitioner/teacher in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya (B.K.S. Iyengar’s teacher/brother-in-law) and Sri TKV Desikachar (son of Krishnamacharya). Founder of Studio Abhyas, a yoga and dance studio in New Delhi, India, (, Johar is currently a fellow at the International Research Centre, Interweaving Performance Cultures, Freie Universitat, Berlin.
Teaching Language: English with German translation

Cost: 150€ Info:
GbR Brass Voigt IBAN: DE 79 1007 0848 0031 380900 BIC: DEUTDEDB110

Saturday, 12-6:00pm
Sunday, 12-4:00pm

Elizabeth’s writing on

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Read Elizabeth’s essay on YogaPoetica is a quarterly online journal that examines the people and ideas that forge our complex, ever-shifting yoga communities. YogaPoetica’s offerings are filled with a curated selection, drawn from students and teachers around the world, of their finest art, criticism, essays, interviews, podcasts, poetry and photography.
Go to and happy reading!

Spring Holidays Class Schedule

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Please make a note about the upcoming holidays for your yoga classes!

The studio will be closed on Good Friday, April 14th and Saturday, April 15th.
On Easter Sunday, April 16th, the 10:00 am class will take place.
The studio will be closed on Easter Monday, April 17th.
The regular class schedule will resume on Tuesday, April 18th.

1. Mai
The studio will be closed on Monday, 01.05 2017

Ascension Day
The studio will be closed on Thursday, 25.05.2017

On Pentecost Sunday, 04.06.17 there will be the 10:00 am.
On Pentecost Monday, 05.06.17, the studio will be closed.

Sunday Workshop Understanding Hip Mobility & Flexibilty, 21 May 2017 1:00-4:00pm

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Iyengar yoga identifies the inner, middle, outer, and back groins creating a circle of awareness all around the meeting place between the legs and the torso. Cultivating healthy hip motion in our yoga practice brings a state of groundedness and connection to oneself.

It is important to create a balance of stability and mobility in our hips: too little or too much mobility can cause problems elsewhere like the knee or lower back.

In this workshop, participants will explore how the hip joint works in a variety of postures and seek to unlock new freedom in the body.

Open to all students with a minimum of 6 months of regular of Iyengar yoga practice.

Teaching languages: English & German
Workshop Fee: 38€
Registration & payment required before the workshop.
Payment by bank transfer or in person to Elizabeth
Elizabeth Brass, PSD Bank Berlin – Brandenburg IBAN: DE32 1009 0900 1636 9196 00 BIC GENODEF 1P01
(030) 616 26 676 /

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